Luke Driscoll



Part-time QA Automation Engineer

July 2022 - Present

I work as a part-time QA Automation Engineer at Revelstoke. I have been learning a lot about the software development life cycle and how to use tools like Clickup to manage the sprint cycle and bug reporting. I have been learn how to create mock api's using Mockoon, and how to use Selenium to automate tests.

Chapman University

Computer Science Student

August 2019 - Present

I am currently a Computer Science student at Chapman University. I am currently in my senior year and will be graduating in May 2023. I have learned a lot of valuable skills in my time at Chapman. I have learned how to use C++, Java, Python, and SQL. I have also learned how to use tools like Git. Especially with my gamedevelopment minor I learned how to create a product efficiently using Trello, and work together to publish a game to the public.